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The war in Europe goes on, Turkey and Syria have been hit by earthquakes, and there appears to be no end in sight to the conflict in the Middle East. The global economy is still navigating choppy waters with higher interest rates, low rates of growth and ongoing rivalries between the major economic blocs. In this environment marred by uncertainty, the AMAG Group can look back on another successful year with its brands and its dealership and service partners. We are systematically turning our vision of becoming the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility into a reality.

Electric vehicles have a significantly lower carbon footprint, particularly if the vehicles and batteries come from European factories powered by green electricity. This applies all the more if the vehicles can also be operated in a low-carbon environment in Switzerland in the future thanks to the expansion of solar energy, and if recycling solutions can set a renewable cycle in motion. Synthetic fuels are also renewable energies and enable sustainable mobility for existing vehicles. This eradicates many of the disadvantages previously associated with our product, the car. We are focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, as demonstrated by the acquisition of Helion Energy AG and our stake in Synhelion, for example. The latter is an ETH spin-off that is aiming to replace fossil fuels with economically viable, carbon-neutral solar petrol. Thanks to semi-autonomous systems, the number of serious accidents has dropped by more than 80% over the last 50 years despite an increase in traffic volumes, and new mobility concepts are reducing land usage. For a year now, the AMAG Group has held a stake in Holo, the Scandinavian market leader in the implementation and operation of autonomous systems. Micro-mobility and e-bikes will play an increasing role in the modal split. The AMAG Group is participating in these market trends through the exclusive distribution of the Microlino light electric vehicle and through leasing services for high-quality e-bikes. At AMAG, we use “renewable mobility” as an umbrella term to describe the combination of sustainable mobility and renewable energies. As a Swiss family-owned business that will soon be celebrating its 80th birthday, renewable mobility is our answer to the complex challenges of our time. We are not facing these challenges alone, but rather with strong partners by our side. Together, we want to continue making a positive contribution to the Swiss economy and society at large.

Last year, the AMAG Group was able to increase its market share by a further 0.8 percentage points to 32.4%. All the brands represented are on course for growth and come in first, third, fourth and seventh in the registration statistics. Eleven out of the top 20 models come from the VW Group, testimony to just how much the Swiss value our product portfolio. With a market share of 35.2% (18,542 vehicles) for all-electric vehicles (BEV), the success of our comprehensive and carefree strategy is also evident in the drive of the future.



“From electricity production using photovoltaics to our own charging solutions and smart electric vehicle control, we offer solutions from a single source.” 

– Martin Haefner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AMAG Group


In addition, the AMAG Group further expanded the systems on the roofs of private and corporate customers for supplying electricity to operate the sold BEVs with Helion. The PV panels that we have installed cover the electricity required to power almost 33,000 vehicles.  The electric mobility and energy solutions provided by the AMAG Group help corporate customers to decarbonise their fleets and slash their running costs. 

The automotive market remains complex, and the success enjoyed by brands across the globe is as varied as customer needs are. The AMAG Group enjoys an excellent position for the future competitive landscape in Switzerland. The Škoda Kodiaq was voted the most popular car by the Swiss, and the Volkswagen ID.7 received accolades from both the public and an expert jury. With its network of dealers and service partners and its own retail activities, the AMAG Group is very close to the specific needs of its customers in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino – in 26 cantons and a large number of towns and villages. We offer mobility solutions ranging from hourly rentals to sales, as well as energy solutions and top-quality related services. 

With around 800 apprentices, we are proud to make a relevant contribution to training young people in Switzerland. We are also focusing on Switzerland with our strategy of producing the electricity needed to power the sold BEVs ourselves together with partners.


“Locally produced solar power boosts supply security within the country and secures and creates jobs.”

– Martin Haefner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AMAG Group


The AMAG Group has set itself the goal of avoiding at least 90% of its emissions and achieving net zero status by 2040. We are part of Swiss society and are committed to the economy, culture and sport. This commitment is reflected in things such as the Family Business Award, the prize for values-based entrepreneurship. It is also evident in our long-standing support for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra and the 55-year partnership between AMAG and Swiss-Ski. 

Our core business is growing. The AMAG Group is well positioned in the new mobility fields, and its broadly diversified refinancing and substantial equity resources provide a solid foundation for the further profitable growth of our company.


We look forward to continuing to offer our customers solutions for the future in 2024.