Clear strategy in times of change


Global challenges, such as climate change and the increase in social conflicts, require new solutions. AMAG assumes responsibility and is dedicated to creating a sustainable mobility landscape in Switzerland by developing new solutions and positioning itself as a holistic mobility service provider. Being sustainably and economically successful in the future requires a strong vision and the courage to adhere to it. 

The mobility of tomorrow needs to be sustainable and also meet more extensive consumer needs. AMAG wants to implement effective solutions to adapt Switzerland’s mobility landscape to the needs of climate change. As a strong partner for our customers, we have a clear strategy and are working towards achieving this goal, channelling our resources into five key strategic focus areas: “Sustainability”, our “Business”, our “Customers”, “Digitalisation” and our “Culture”. We want to make a difference through interaction between all five of these focus areas.


Our vision

We want to become the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility.

Convincing solutions and offerings

We break new ground, drawing on many years of experience in our core business areas: import, sales, financing, leasing, vehicle maintenance and vehicle logistics. We want to continue building on this success. At the same time, we are developing new solutions and providing forward-looking mobility offerings:

  • Ecological – firstly through the expansion of electromobility, electricity from renewable energies and investment in Switzerland’s charging infrastructure; secondly through investment in synthetic fuel research, development and production.
  • Individual – through flexible subscription offerings, expanded e-bike leasing offers and the financing of photovoltaic systems.
  • Independent – through sharing of two-, three- and four-wheel offerings in areas and for companies. Innovative – through new vehicles such as the Microlino, and autonomous solutions with our partners Holo, Kopernikus and Loxo. In other words, our approach to mobility is holistic and sustainable.




Microlino – expansion geared towards micromobility and systematic implementation of the AMAG sustaina-bility strategy.

Digitalisation and culture as the basis for sustainable relationships

We want to make our mobility offerings easily and securely accessible. Digitalisation is a key tool for meeting the needs of our customers. With offerings such as the AMAG app and the “Sofa” project (which gives customers the option of leasing a vehicle from the comfort of their own home), we provide a seamless customer journey without time constraints.

Digitalisation will help simplify internal processes, speed up procedures and thus boost efficiency for our customers and our company. To this end, we assessed our degree of digitalisation in the 2022 fiscal year and implemented initial measures in the shape of new formats such as the Power Platform and digital coaches. All in-house changes are geared towards emboldening and empowering the employees, giving them a good understanding of what our role is in order to advance the mobility transformation and realise our vision. The AMAG Family Day in Interlaken was a surprise for all AMAG employees in 2022. This weekend get-together was an opportunity to give people a better understanding of the AMAG purpose, in which sustainability also plays a big part.


All in-house changes are geared towards emboldening and empowering the employees.

As a company with a Swiss tradition stretching back several decades, AMAG is a strong and dependable partner in the Swiss labour market and wants to remain an attractive employer in future. We therefore encourage an open corporate culture, in which all employees can evolve. AMAG attaches great importance to training and education. With around 770 apprentices, we set the benchmark in Switzerland when it comes to training. Our investment in the future is also evident in the AMAG Academy, which allows us to offer continual training and education for our repair shops and our dealer network. Furthermore, a new building is being erected in Lupfig to ready the Academy for the evolving learning needs.

Reducing CO2 is the most important goal

AMAG assumes responsibility along its entire value chain. In addition to developing sustainable and individual mobility offerings, we have set ourselves clear and ambitious climate targets in order to reduce emissions in purchasing, in operations and in our processes. By 2025, we want to reduce all emissions by 30% through in-house measures and then continue this reduction drive by reducing all scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 90% by 2040. Measures such as energy efficiency improvements, replacement heating systems and systematic photovoltaic expansion give us key leverage here. We are also committed to electrifying our own fleet of vehicles and expanding our charging infrastructure. There are already 156 parking spaces with a charging station at the main site in Cham, signalling what is needed for the future: multi-storey car parks need to become charging parks. That is why AMAG Parking AG has started to convert its public multi-storey car parks in this way.

As a control tool, we have introduced an internal CO2 levy of CHF 120 per tonne of CO2, which is factored in when reviewing all property projects and business case calculations. The proceeds flow into our climate fund, which AMAG uses to support Swiss start-ups that develop technologies or business models to decarbonise mobility. To reduce emissions in our supply chain, we focus on three key issues: waste, transportation and purchasing.