Sustainability – our holistic approach


AMAG assumes responsibility – for social as well as ecological issues. A business run on high ethical standards that strictly meets all regulatory requirements forms the basis for this.

We actively implement this responsibility, in accordance with the principle of materiality, in three focus areas. AMAG Net Zero pools all our activities aimed at reducing CO2 and expanding sustainable mobility services. AMAG Engage combines all initiatives and engagements for society, our employees and our customers. AMAG Fairplay comprises all governance and risk management measures as well as our commitment to build up strong cyber resilience and to promote and maintain the highest health and safety standards.


Adding value sustainably 

Our commitment supports the national and international sustainability agenda. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) constitute the global plan of action to overcome the economic, social and ecological challenges of our time. They are designed to enable an intact environment, well-being and peace by 2030. Switzerland has adopted the UN SDGs in its national strategy for sustainable development and set three priorities: “sustainable consumption and sustainable production”, “climate, energy and biodiversity” and “equal opportunity and social cooperation”. For successful implementation, the federal government is reliant on cooperation with business, cantons, communities and civil society. Our commitment means we are making a direct contribution to achieving 6 of the 17 SDGs. Given that AMAG’s core business is in the automotive sector, we believe the areas where we currently have the most leverage are climate protection and the continual reduction of CO2 emissions.

Education is another area in which we can take effective action. Job profiles in our industry are changing on account of digitalisation and electric mobility. With one of the largest trainee intakes in Switzerland, we use our expertise and play a key role by developing sustainable apprenticeships and ensuring equality. The AMAG sustainability strategy also encompasses ethically correct, transparent and exemplary conduct. We believe this is a must for establishing fair market conditions that strengthen Switzerland’s position as a business location over the long term.