When it comes to sustainability, we mean business. We started providing detailed information about our sustainability strategy last year. This consistent transparency is also aimed at inspiring other companies to adapt and develop their business models sustainably. In the current report for 2022, we show that, rather than being an obstacle, sustainability is the basis for new ideas, new solutions and the business models of tomorrow – all in the interests of our customers.

We also communicate sustainability internally. In summer 2022, we invited all our employees and their families to a Family Day, where we looked back on our successful 77-year history and laid the foundations for our future. With around 770 trainees and 7300 employees, we are aware of our economic, social and ecological responsibility. We recognise the need for change and develop our business with a view to providing sustainable individual mobility, mindful of the key contribution AMAG can make in achieving the Swiss Sustainable Development Goals. We assume responsibility – with entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and the will to shape our future. 


Martin Haefner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Helmut Ruhl, CEO AMAG Group AG
Martin Haefner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Helmut Ruhl, CEO AMAG Group AG

Last year’s acquisition of Helion, Switzerland’s largest photovoltaic installer and energy pioneer, enabled us to take a big step towards realising our vision. Our aim is to increase the percentage of battery electric vehicles we market to around 70% by 2030 and almost 100% well before 2040. We also want to produce the electricity required for this with Helion and other partners. Through our stake in Synhelion, a Swiss ETH Zurich spin-off, we support the industrialisation of low-carbon e-fuels in order to have an impact beyond our own carbon footprint. Around 1.3 billion of the world’s cars are powered by a combustion engine, and it will take decades to electrify them all – if at all possible. That is where cutting-edge Swiss technology of the kind provided by Synhelion can have positive ecological and social impacts. We have also signed a long-term contract with Climeworks for direct air capture, enabling us to use another promising Swiss technology in order to achieve our climate goals. 


We show that, rather than being an obstacle, sustainability is the basis for new ideas and new solutions.


We are particularly pleased that we succeeded in moving and inspiring our customers towards electromobility last year. The Škoda Enyaq iV, Audi Q4 e-tron and VW ID.BUZZ were voted Switzerland’s favourite cars in 2022. Everything we do for sustainability ultimately only makes sense if it sparks our customers’ interest. In order to become the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility, we offer other state-of-the-art mobility and energy solutions in addition to attractive vehicles. Our financial services subsidiary AMAG Leasing AG gives corporate customers options for financing photovoltaic systems, allride enables us to support resource-efficient mobility concepts for companies and areas, and Microlino now allows us to market a space-saving electric city car. Our new AMAG Energy & Mobility business unit supports the establishment of charging infrastructure, we are building a fast-charging network at our own retail locations and the first of our multi-storey car parks became charging parks last year. In addition, our retail electromobility customers will be able to obtain everything from a one-stop shop in future, including the means to produce electricity on their own roofs.

We want to achieve a climate-neutral footprint by 2040. To do this, we are open to partnerships with other mobility providers and energy supply companies, and to collaborations with banks, as well as interested in innovative forms of financing. We already work with Switzerland’s top universities and research institutes, and are in dialogue with municipalities, cities and cantons.

For 10 years now, AMAG has been honouring sustainable businesses with its Family Business Award; supported by the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the University of Fribourg, it is awarded to family businesses in Switzerland that demonstrate an acute sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial sustainability and have been successful for several generations. In 2023, we want to further intensify our dialogue with particularly sustainable businesses. We believe the time has come to accelerate change – with businesses that want to power ahead. And we are convinced that we can do this even quicker by working together.


Martin Haefner                                                        Helmut Ruhl
Chairman of the Board of Directors                   CEO