Net Zero


The AMAG Group has defined the central thrust of its climate strategy with its quest to achieve net zero. This focus area centres on systematically reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy.


Our contribution


7 – Affordable and Clean Energy
9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
13 – Climate Action


In 2023, we sold around 18,000 electric vehicles and realised over 1,400 PV systems with Helion. The 71 GWh of electricity produced from solar energy will enable around 8,600 tonnes of CO2 to be avoided every year over the life cycle of the systems.

Helion AG is included in the greenhouse gas inventory for the 2023 financial year for the very first time, which led to a slight increase in Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions at AMAG compared to the previous year. At -23% compared to the baseline year of 2019, AMAG is making good progress. We were also able to further enhance the added value associated with the many aspects of renewable mobility through collaborations with partners including Energie 360°, the Swiss Homeowners’ Association and act Cleantech.


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