Hiring and developing well-trained and motivated employees is a key factor in AMAG’s success.



5 – Gender Equality


8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth


The transformation of AMAG’s business model is also changing the kind of employee skills that the company requires. At AMAG, inclusion also means taking all employees along with it on this journey and empowering them. Partnerships in the areas of research, culture and the targeted support for family businesses bear testimony to AMAG’s mindset and values, which are founded on stability, consistency and innovation. With 18 job profiles and more than 800 apprentices, AMAG has already been extremely successful when it comes to vocational training. The proportion of women in the company is also steadily on the rise – both in management and within the workforce as a whole. AMAG is also proud of its partnership with OYM College in Cham. The performance centre allows highly motivated talents to combine their ambitions in elite sport with excellent vocational training.


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